The Founders Midwest Conference meets annually in the Saint Louis, MO area. Our next conference will be February 25-26, 2020 at First Baptist Church, Fenton, MO.

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By Dr. Tom J. Nettles An aphorism is defined as “a brief statement of a truth, or principle.” It resembles a proverb. At its best, an aphorism is a maxim—an epitomized statement of truth arising from a worldview. Sometimes aphorisms are mere isolated statements coming from the observations of an individual and reflecting either his … Continue reading Aphorisms

The Sanity and Power of Christian Thankfulness

By Dr. John Greever There are moments when ideas converge in lucidity in Christian holy contemplation, a convergence that explodes to touch every aspect of life.  In such moments, one wonders, “How in the world did I miss that before?” The Unforgiving Forgiven Servant I had a moment like that recently in thinking through the … Continue reading The Sanity and Power of Christian Thankfulness

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