Let Us Not Grow Weary

By Dr. John Greever

Galatians 6:9 “Let us not become discouraged in doing good, for in due time we will reap, if we do not become weary.”

One of the most common experiences of God’s faithful servants is weariness.  This is not always a sin, though it might lead to sin.  To be weary in the work of Christ may simply be a manifestation of our human weakness and the heavy burden we are required to bear.  George Whitefield, the famous 18th century evangelist, once said, “I never get weary of the work, but I often get weary in it.”  How true this is!

Christ’s servants are weary with the heaviness of responsibility, we are often weary by the seemingly incessant opposition and drain that it causes on us.  And the weariness we feel is such that we might feel as if it envelopes us and swamps our joy and hope.  These are risky times for God’s people.  We must never in the throes of weariness and discouragement make large life decisions (unless thrust upon us by divinely ordained circumstances).  We must seek to endure and persist to continue onward looking to the Lord for strength and enablement that we might abide.

Our text helps us to draw fresh insight in such weary times.  First, it reminds us that we must see discouragement for the monster that it is.  The command verb confronts our contemplation to quit; it will not allow us an easy out.  The Scripture says, “Let us not become discouraged.”  We must hold ourselves accountable and responsible.  We must not yield to the temptation to capitulate.  The Scripture does a marvelous job of focusing our attention by instructing us to do what is good.  This is our calling; this is our task.  We must be faithful and determined in this regard.

The Scripture also gives a wonderful promise (with a condition appended).  This promise fuels our determination and our constancy.  The Word of God states, “in due time we will reap, if we do not grow weary.”  O, what a wonderful harvest is coming for those who remain steadfast!  Every effort for Jesus (no matter how small and insignificant it may appear in our eyes) will be blessed for the glory of God.  We seek to endure because we know that in enduring, the Lord will work in and through our effort.  Others may not affirm us, and we may feel like a failure, but God is working for His glory in every staunch endeavor for Jesus.  We will someday find that much more was achieved than we first thought.  We MUST believe this and be strengthened by the promise in it.  Let us simply seek to “not grow weary” (and quit!) in the process.  Let us today bring to Christ our weakness and offer ourselves completely to His will and service.  And let us KEEP GOING for His glory!

Prayer: Lord, I feel so tired!  Please help me to keep on serving You as long as You want me to.  Please grant fresh strength and joy in my tasks, and help me never to back down or back up in the work to which You have called me.  I want to serve You and make a difference in Your kingdom.  Thank You for the privilege and the opportunity.  Amen.

John Greever is the pastor of First Baptist Church in Fenton, MO and is a former professor of Bible at Missouri Baptist University. He is a part of the leadership team for Founders Midwest and is a speaker at this year’s Founders Midwest Conference. If you would like more information about Founders Midwest and the annual conference, be sure to check out our Facebook page or visit our website for more information. To register for the conference click here.

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