Mission Statement: The motive of the conference is to glorify God, honor His gospel, and strengthen His churches by providing encouragement to Southern Baptists in historical, Biblical, theological, practical, and ecumenical studies.

The purpose is to be a balanced conference in respect to doctrine and devotion expressed in the Doctrines of Grace and their experimental application to the local church, particularly in the areas of worship and witness.  This is to be accomplished through engaging a variety of speakers to present formal papers, sermons, expositions, and devotions, and through the recommendation and distribution of literature consistent with the nature of the conference.

The theological foundation of the conference will be the Doctrines of Grace (election, depravity, atonement, effectual calling, and perseverance) and specifically related truths (see, the Second London Confession, 1689).  These subjects will be presented doctrinally, expositionally, homiletically, and historically.  Each conference will concentrate on the experimental and pastoral application of the respective doctrines.

We are currently meeting at the First Baptist Church of Fenton, MO.