Conference History

This conference was conceived in the sessions of the Southern Baptist Founders Conference from the late 80’s to the mid 90’s. As more and more attendees from the Midwest met each other, they realized there are many from their area who would be blessed and encouraged from the conference, but would never be able to come.

In the summer of 1995, during the national conference, a call came for those interested in starting a regional conference in the Midwest to meet. The meeting produced a steering committee which met in the fall. The committee’s work resulted in the first conference in 1996. Founders Ministries has encouraged the Midwest regional conference as much as they nurtured it.

Since the beginning we have emphasized strong exegetical preaching. We have witnessed ministry from the pulpit and at the table. Whether one is a speaker or attender, we want Christians to be encouraged in their God-ward Pilgrimage.


Past Speakers: Al Mohler, Jr., Andy Chambers, Bill Ascol, Bob Bergen, Bill Savage, sbfcmwBruce Walker, Chad Brand, Chris Morgan, Chuck Todd, Curt Daniel, Curtis McClain, David Vaughan, Don Whitney, Jack Fritts, James White, Jeremy Jessen, Jim Ehrhard, Jim Elliff, Jim Orrick, John Armstrong, John Greever, Joshua Wilson, Mark DeVine, Marvin Jones, Michael Haykin, Pat Campbell, Patrick Stewart, Paul Washer, Phil Newton, R. F. Gates, Ray Van Neste, Richard Belcher, Robert Peterson, Roger Duke, Ron Rogers, Ron Rumburg, Sam Waldron, Scott Lamb, Scott Lee, Slade Johnson, Terry Chrisope, Terry Coker, Tom Ascol, Tom Nettles, and Tony Mattia,